AIOU PhD Statistics

AIOU PhD Statistics Information Details

Welcome Dear students, Today I will guide you through, AIOU PhD Statistics. I will make sure that, everything must be discussed in detail so, no need for further questions.

AIOU PhD Statistics Information Details

Name of Programme

As always we start with, the name of Programme so today our topic is, AIOU PhD Statistics.

Detailed introduction of AIOU PhD Statistics

Allama Iqbal Open University instituted this department in 1988. Initially, Computer Science and Mathematics were also its part, and then in November 1999, AIOU Established Computer Science as an independent Department. Similarly, in May 2014, AIOU Separated the Mathematics department as well. In the beginning, the Department introduced various programs of Computer Science along with a variety of Mathematics and Statistics courses.

The mission of the Department of Statistics is to advance the frontiers of statistical science research in both theory and applications. We aim to produce well-educated statisticians. So that they may join with others. When the time comes, they may bright the strength of statistical science.

Admission Requirements in PhD Statistics

The applicants must have MS/MPhil Statistics with a least 3.0 CGPA (in semester system) or First Division (in annual system).
Departmental Admission Committee will conclude the admissions after conveying the test and interview as per AIOU rules.

Selection Process for PhD Statistics

The department will be following the rules strictly based on merit/criteria laid down by the Department/ University for PhD Statistics.

What is the Duration of PhD Statistics

AIOU is offering PhD Statistics, in three years.

Medium of Instruction of the course

AIOU will be guiding the instructions, in English for the PhD Statistics.

Teaching Methodology for the course

It means, how we will teach or guide our students through the course. AIOU is offering face to face classes for the PhD Statistics.

AIOU Credits Required for PhD Statistics

Students must be thinking what is credit in PhD Statistics, Credits are some hours assigned to a subject. The main reason to do so is, to show the length of the subject. Total Credit hours require for Phd Statistics are 42.

Course Required for AIOU PhD Statistics

Please have a look at the below-listed subjects for PhD Statistics.

6 courses of 3 credit hours each. Total 18 credit hours course work is required

1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester
1. THESIS-4768

4th Semester
1. THESIS-4768

5th Semester
1. THESIS-4768

6th Semester
1. THESIS-4768

Elective / Major Courses for PhD Statistics

1. Survival Analysis-4761
2. Bayesian Inferential Statistics-4762
3. Stochastic Processes-4763
4. Measure Theory-4765
5. Response Surface Design-4766
6. Recent Developments in Statistics-4767
7. Actuarial Statistics-9751
8. Statistical Theory for Extreme Events-9752
9. Mixture Distributions-9753
10. Applied Time Series Econometrics-9754
11. Spatial Data Analysis-9755
12. Generalized Logistic Regression-9756
13. Repeated Measure Analysis-9757
14. Multilevel Modeling-9758
15. Mathematical Demography-9759

Workshop information for PhD Statistics

Regular classes 3 days a week are important for PhD Statistics.

Thesis is compulsory for PhD Statistics?

Yes of course, the thesis is compulsory for PhD Statistics.

Any Practical Included in PhD Statistics?

Yes of course dear, practical is also included in PhD Statistics.

Viva is important?

Viva is compulsory in PhD Statistics.


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