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Introduction of PhD Business Administration (MBA)

The Department of Business Administration was established in 1986. The aim was to impart managerial education and skills. This all in the discipline of Business Administration. Since its inception, the Department has made huge progress towards achieving its ultimate goal. Our goal was to become a center of excellence in Business Administration. The Department has assembled an excellent teaching faculty. We also acquired wide teaching material for PhD Business Administration. We did it to the improvement of AIOU PhD Business Administration in Pakistan.

The University first time began an MBA program in 1986, MBA-IT in 2001, and MBA-Banking & Finance in Spring 2005 semester. Presently, the Department is awarding MBA (3 Years), MBA 2 years, MBA Rural Management, PGD-HRM, MS (Management Sciences), and PhD programs with various specializations.  We design these programs to enable specialists to enhance their skills and enhance business abilities. The Department has well-qualified team members including MPhil/MS and PhDs both from national and foreign universities.

Admission Requirement in PhD Business Administration (MBA)

The MS or MPhil degree holders in Business Administration or associated systems from any HEC recognized institution with 3.00/4.00 CGPA or Ist Division would be eligible to apply.

i. The program would be a merit base hence fee/dues may not be deposit. Until you get your letter from the AIOU Admission office.

ii. For PhD Degree, the applicant must have a relevant MS degree from an HEC recognized university. Else it could be equivalent, with a minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00 or 1st division.

iii. A candidate in a relevant field with 1st class Masters’s Degree from an internationally recognized university. An MBA degree (18 years of education with research thesis) from HEC recognized university with CGPA 3.00/4.00. 1st division, having recognized research experience, would be counted for admission.

iv. There shall be a Departmental Admission Committee under the Chair of the Department of Business Administration to conclude the admissions.

v. Any student, who was rusticated, expelled, or whose entry in any College/University Campus was banned. For any reason whatsoever at any time during his/her academic career, won’t be conder for admission.

vi. An introductory selection of the candidates will be made strictly. It is based on the criteria of the Department/ University. The candidates are required to pass the written test/interview. Departmental Admission committee design it for the admission in PhD program.

vii. Director (Admission will inform the selected students. So only selected students will pay the fee.

Course Required for MBA

Please have a look at below listed course.

Semester: 1
1. Advanced Management Thoughts-9561
2. International Business-9562
3. Research Design-I -9563

Semester: 2
1. One Course according to Specialization-
2. Public & Business Policy Interface-9565
3. Seminar on Financial Management (Specialization)-9566
4. Seminar on Human Resource Management (Specialization)-9567

Semester: 3
1. Thesis-9569




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