Aiou Continue Student Admission

How we will treat, AIOU Continue Student Admission

To all AIOU continue student admission, we will be sending, pre-filled forms for next semester. Along with that, we will also be sending you the helping guide for admission. That helping book will lead you through, designated branches of the National bank of Pakistan and First women bank. We also have included the next list of courses which you may need to choose from.

AIOU Continue Student Admission

Students, you have to choose from the course list and complete the admission form. Please note continue students that, clearly write down the course in admission form columns. One important thing, if you are willing to change your address then, write down your new address on the admission form as well.

For Continue students a blank admission form is also provided. If you are not easy with the admission form use that blank form. You can download that blank form from our website. Along with this you also will have bank challan to deposit your admission fee. We also have written the bank branches who will be accepting the fee. The homepage of the computer admission form contains, the required information/instructions.

AIOU Student Read these instructions carefully

  1. Only continue students will use this form, you can use this form for classes Matric, FA, BA, B.Com and Post Graduate, etc. and seek admission to the following semester courses in the same program.
  2. Details should be visually included.
  3. Courses in the next semester program,  Matric, Intermediate (FA), Bachelors (BA, B.Com), and Post Graduate are visible or downloadable. Students, before getting admissions make sure about the classes. Please consult the relevant chairperson to avoid any inconvenience. University is offering, Matric, Intermediate (FA), Bachelors degree program semester bases. Except these, AIOU is offering yearly base programs so make things sure before you get roll in.
  1. Some subjects have two parts so make sure to provide the second one separately to avoid any confusion.
  2. If your willing to change your address, fill the new address in blank space for address.
  3. Overseas student will be paying their fees in USD, and please pay the bank drafts in Islamabad.
  4. If you’re in any designated bank, please use a challan and also, attach that challan form with admission form. We also have attached the challan along with admission form, please have a look.
  5. We regret to inform you that, AIOU will not entertain the incomplete admission forms.
  6. Please note that you can’t make any changes during the semester.
  7. No reimbursement of course fee is allowed after the mailing of the study package.
  8. Please have a look at payment rules, we have provided separately.


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